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The Myka Meier Finishing ProgrAM

The Myka Meier Finishing Program takes the road this October with the first East Coast Tour! Beginning in New York City at Veronika, followed by Charleston at Emeline Hotel, and ending in Palm Beach at The Colony, courses range for a variety of interests. As society continues to evolve, so do modern etiquette practices. From dining and social situations to business and networking, and establishing confidence with children and teens, The Myka Meier Finishing Program makes modern etiquette easy, approachable and fun, with tips and tricks to navigate daily life with confidence and ease.

The Colony Hotel

Mini Manners – 10/9 10:30a

Myka Meier’s Mini Manners course makes modern etiquette digestible for children and teens between the ages of five to 16 years old. This course will

The Colony Hotel, Palm Beach, FL

Modern Etiquette Made Easy – 10/9 2:30p

Based off her best-selling book, Myka Meier introduces an in-person, Modern Etiquette Made Easy course, highlighting the evolution of modern etiquette practices. From dining to

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