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Approachable, attainable, entertaining and absolutely not your Grandmother’s etiquette teacher.

Myka Meier is an acclaimed dual British-American citizen who has become a go-to source for social-savvy advice of all sorts. In addition to being the founder of Beaumont Etiquette and The Plaza Hotel Finishing Program, Myka is an esteemed social savant with an interest in the culture and language of the United States and the United Kingdom.

The author of two best-selling etiquette books, Myka provides a wide variety of modern tips, tricks, and resources that equip individuals with the skills they need to succeed in any social or business setting.

Myka is an established and knowledgeable brand storyteller with over 10 years of experience. Her modern outlook on etiquette revolves around the motto that it’s just a way of conducting yourself in order to show respect, consideration, and kindness to those around you.



The Beginning
Myka Meier Famous Etiquette Expert baby

Myka Meier was Born in Sarasota, Florida on June 27th, 1982. Proudly of mixed ethnicity, her father is from Barbados and her mother is from Massachusetts. 

Growing Up
Myka Meier Famous Etiquette Expert

As the middle child, and only girl, Myka grew up barefoot on the beaches of Florida and spent summers sailing with her family through the Caribbean.

Myka Meier Famous Etiquette Expert

Myka is a first-generation college graduate. She attends the University of Florida and graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Communications. 

Myka Gets Married
Myka Meier Famous Etiquette Expert

Myka met her now husband in 2007 at Felix restaurant in New York City, where she walked up and introduced herself to him. They named their first son, born in 2021, with the middle name Felix.

New York, NY
Myka Meier Famous Etiquette Expert

Myka moved to New York City the same month she graduated from college and worked 4 jobs at once to pay rent on her W 33rd Street shared apartment.

Across the Pond
About Myka Meier

She moved to London in 2008 and got British Citizenship in 2013.  Myka attended multiple etiquette schools in Europe and was trained in London by a former member of Her Majesty the Queen's household staff. She attended formal finishing school in Switzerland.

Beaumont Etiquette
Myka Meier Famous Etiquette Expert

She started Beaumont Etiquette in 2013 in London and then moved it to New York in 2014. She co-founded The Plaza Hotel Finishing Program in 2016.

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Myka the Momma
About Myka Meier

Introducing: Valentina (2016) & Max (2022). Valentina was born November 2016, and Max in February 2022; The children are growing up in a multi-lingual household- learning German, Swiss German, English and Spanish. Above all, they are being raised to be kind and compassionate. 

...Etiquette Made Easy
Myka Meier Famous Etiquette Expert

Myka writes two best selling etiquette books in 2020, Modern Etiquette Made Easy, and Business Etiquette Made Easy

About Myka Meier

Today, Myka is a go-to media personality with a fun, inclusive and lovable approach, making her expertise relatable, entertaining and educational.

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