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Myka Meier

Corporate Training

A fresh spin to traditional training programs, Myka aims to instill confidence and break down cultural and gender barriers.

Myka Meier social and dining etiquette

Speaking Engagements

With an emphasis on confidence and kindness, Myka travels the globe as a Keynote speaker covering a variety of inspiring topics.

Myka Meier

Professional Partnerships

As a social maven and two-time bestselling author, Myka is a go-to source for connecting brands with consumers.



Approachable, attainable and absolutely not your Grandmother’s etiquette teacher.

Myka Meier is a two-time best selling author, dual citizen, highly-acclaimed social savant and the founder of world-renowned Beaumont Etiquette, has become the go-to credited source for how to navigate a vast range of social and business situations. Myka equips today’s generation with tips and tricks to build confidence throughout their everyday endeavors.

As an established, informative, and relatable brand story-teller with more than 10 years of experience, Myka’s modern outlook on etiquette revolves around her motto that it is simply a way of conducting yourself to show respect, consideration and kindness to those around you.


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Modern Etiquette Made Easy
The Myka Meier Finishing Program
The Colony Hotel

Mini Manners – 10/9 10:30a

Modern Etiquette Made Easy
The Myka Meier Finishing Program
The Colony Hotel, Palm Beach, FL

Modern Etiquette Made Easy – 10/9 2:30p

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