3 Unknown Royal Etiquette Facts Revealed

The most intriguing and lesser-known aspects of royal etiquette are often the most fascinating. From seating protocol to the art of gift-giving, here are three fascinating facts that add an extra layer of charm to the regal world:

Seating Protocol:

  1. Have you ever wondered how seating arrangements are decided at royal gatherings? It’s not just about finding an empty chair – it’s a carefully choreographed affair. The closer one sits to the host or hostess, the higher their rank or status. It’s like a real-life game of Thrones, where every seat holds significance. Interestingly, often seating plans for larger events are done one year in advance. 

Royal Punctuality:

When it comes to social events, the most senior royals have a unique rule: they arrive last. Picture this: It’s a Royal Garden Party for almost 3000 people. The gates open at 3pm sharp so the guests can come in and mingle. The party officially begins however only when Members of the Royal Family enter the garden at 4pm, as soon as the National Anthem is played. Senior Royals will enter the garden, and last will be King Charles and Queen Camilla who will make their grand entrance after everyone else. It’s a subtle yet significant way of signaling their status and is how guests show their respect. Pro Tip: What would a Royal wear to a garden party? Find out more about Royal etiquette by taking The Duchess Effect online course.

The Art of Gift Giving:

  1. When it comes to presenting gifts to royals, it’s all about finesse. Forget the extravagant or overly personal – think tasteful and thoughtful instead. And here’s a pro tip: always present gifts with both hands as a sign of respect. 

There you have it – three fascinating royal etiquette facts to impress your friends at your next dinner party. Whether you’re a die-hard royal enthusiast or just curious about the finer points of regal behavior, these insights add a touch of magic to the majestic world of royalty.

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