A Guide to Ski Etiquette: Follow These Tips to Look Like a Pro

Skiing is not just a sport; it’s a culture, and mastering the etiquette of the slopes is as important as perfecting your turns. Here’s a quick guide on the do’s and don’ts to ensure you carve your way through the mountains with both skill and grace. Follow these ski etiquette tips to blend in and show respect on the slopes:

  • Mind Your Manners on the Slopes:
    • Downhill Right A Way: Skiers, take note – Those who are below you have the right of way. It’s a cardinal rule, and everyone on the slopes will thank you for abiding by it.
    • Make sure not to stop on the piste (a ski run) or slope unless it’s absolutely necessary. Stopping to take a photo, check your phone or look for a friend on the piste is like stopping a car in the middle of a busy highway. Instead, move to the side where it is safe and out of the way of other skiers and snowboarders. Before you take off again, always look up behind you to make sure the coast is clear and there is no oncoming ski traffic.
    • Control is Key: Resist the urge to show how fast you can get to the bottom mountain. Skiing too fast often leads to being out of control, which puts not only yourself at risk of injury but also those around you. Keep it cool, calm, and controlled. 
    • Leave ample space when you are overtaking another skier or snowboarder so that if the person being overtaken makes any unpredictable moves, it doesn’t end up in a crash.
    • If your piste is merging with another, be sure to look up to see if any other skiers are also merging. If someone is coming down faster than you and at about the same time, give them the right of way as the pistes merge. 
  • Lend a Helping Hand:
    • Oops, I Knocked You Over: Accidents happen, but being a courteous skier is stopping to help. Whether it’s helping someone up who you spot in trouble or ensuring someone you knocked into is okay, a little kindness goes a long way on the mountain.
  • Chairlift Charm:
    • No Smoking, No Vaping: Smoking or vaping on chairlifts is a no-go. Respect your fellow riders’ airspace and keep it smoke-free. 
    • Ensure that you scoot in to allow others to share your chairlift too! Remember when entering a chairlift or gondola lift, it’s polite to acknowledge your seating companions with a nod or simple hello.
  • Sharing is Caring:
    • Give Kids Room to Grow: Young skiers are learning the ropes. Provide them with enough space to practice their skills, and be patient as they navigate the slopes.
  • Line-Up Gracefully:
    • Alternate Chairlift Lines: Don’t be the one who always rushes to the front. Take turns with fellow skiers when lining up for the chairlift, making sure everyone gets a fair shot at fresh tracks. (No line cutting!)
  • Lodge Etiquette:
    • Rack Respect: When heading inside for lunch, organize your skis neatly in the racks. Avoid plopping your gear on top of someone else’s – it’s the alpine equivalent of cutting in line.
    • Lodge Lounging: Not all skiers appreciate an obstacle course of gear in the lodge. Keep your belongings tidy, allowing others to navigate the space with ease.

Remember, the slopes are a shared space, and good ski etiquette makes sure everyone enjoys the thrill of the mountain responsibly. So, strap in, follow these guidelines, and glide down the slopes with the confidence of a seasoned skier and the courtesy of a true snow sports enthusiast! Remember to avoid these simple mistakes and you’ll look like a pro on the slopes in no time.

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