Elegant Icebreakers: Top 5 Questions to Ask When You’re Low on Conversation at a Holiday Party

Navigating social gatherings can be a delightful experience, but sometimes, we find ourselves in those inevitable lulls where small talk becomes a challenge. Not to worry! The art of conversation is all about knowing the right questions to ask. Here are five questions to spark interesting chatter when you find yourself running low on conversation fuel at a party.

1. “What Are You Looking Forward to Most Next Year?”

Asking about future plans is a fantastic way to start an engaging (key word!) conversation. Whether it’s a career move, a travel adventure, a personal goal, or simply a new hobby they’re eager to try, this question allows your fellow partygoer to share their hopes for the year ahead. It’s a forward-looking and optimistic way to start a conversation.

2. “What Was the Highlight of This Past Year for You?”

Reflecting on the past can be equally enlightening. Encourage others to share their favorite memories and experiences from the previous year. Whether it’s a personal achievement, a special trip, or a memorable event, this question invites people to celebrate their successes and joys.

3. “What Travel Plans Do You Have Coming Up? Or “Have You Traveled Anywhere Exciting Lately?”

Travel is a universal conversation starter. Most people love sharing their upcoming adventures, and it can lead to discussions about favorite destinations, travel tips, and memorable experiences. Plus, you might discover shared travel interests or even get some travel inspiration for yourself. Feel free to share in response your travel plans or wishes for the year ahead too and ask them if they have ever been or have any tips. 

4. “Do You Have Any Upcoming Plans or Projects You’re Excited About?”

Curiosity is a wonderful quality, and this question encourages people to share their knowledge or interests, whether it be work or socially. It’s a fantastic way to learn about someone’s aspirations and what drives them.

5. “What is your favorite holiday tradition?”

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? From baking with the little ones, to going to watching Home Alone or waiting for the Christmas carols downtown, not only is it fun to share holiday memories and traditions, but it’s also a great conversation starter! Typically once someone shares their experiences with you, you can add in some of your own, which will keep the conversation going and help you learn about fun traditions of your old (or new!) friends. 

The beauty of these questions is that they are open-ended, allowing for great conversations. So, the next time you find yourself in need of a conversation starter at a party, don’t fret. Simply choose one of these questions, and you’ll be on your way to engaging and enjoyable discussions. Happy conversing!

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