Five Easy Tips to Successfully Negotiate Your Next Raise or Promotion

Did you know your chances of getting a raise could all depend on the exact day and time you choose to ask for it? While there, of course, isn’t a perfect science, studies show these steps below can help you land your next big raise or promotion:

  • Ask to meet on a Thursday or Friday for your best chances negotiating a raise or promotion. The reason is because at the end of the week managers are more relaxed with less workload in front of them and good moods are more common as they look forward toward the weekend.
  • Meeting at 10am is typically an excellent time to ask for a raise or promotion because it’s after any important initial emails, coffee has been consumed, your manager has settled into their work routine, and it is typically before the day’s tasks and responsibilities pile up. 
  • What time NOT to meet? Before lunch (people are hungry and irritable) or right after lunch when the body is digesting food, energy levels drop and people become moody.
  • You should ask for a raise when you have completed a significant achievement, received positive feedback, or taken on additional responsibilities. This gives you the opportunity to highlight specific and timely reasons you add value to the company and justify your request for a raise.
  • If your manager has a particularly busy day or week, it will not be the best time to ask for a raise. Try finding a time when their schedule is lighter, and they have the mental space to actually consider your request without rushing through the meeting. 

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