Oprah’s Etiquette Pet Peeve Revealed

Oprah has frequently expressed her intense aversion to one major (and common!) social pet
peeve: gum chewing. In an interview with People Magazine, she revealed, “I despise chewing gum. The mere thought of it sickens me. The sound of people chewing loudly or smacking it and then pulling it out of their mouth is particularly unbearable.”

During a conversation with Stephen Colbert, Oprah disclosed that her dislike for gum chewing is so strong that she has actually prohibited it in her production offices. She stated, “I have officially banned it. Gum chewing is not permitted in my offices. It is strictly forbidden.”

However, despite successfully avoiding gum chewing at work, Oprah finds it challenging to evade this unpleasant habit when she ventures into the outside world. “When I’m out in public, I cannot enforce a ban,” she added. “I have no authority there. It’s a genuine issue for me. I cannot tolerate it. Everyone I collaborate with is aware of this. Please refrain from chewing gum in my presence. It genuinely unsettles me.”

There you go folks, if you ever get your five minutes with Oprah, stick to the mints!

Photo Credit: Vecteezy

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