Why the King of England Doesn’t Need a Passport

Along with being the reigning King of England, King Charles gets to enjoy some pretty impressive privileges and perks that only he can enjoy. In fact, one major perk is that in the United Kingdom, the monarch does not require a passport to travel overseas because passports are issued in his or her name. This privilege extends only to the reigning monarch, and as such, King Charles would not need a passport for international travel, a privilege that was also extended to Queen Elizabeth II.

Similarly, the same rule applies to driver’s licenses. King Charles would not require one because driver’s licenses are issued in the name of the monarch. However, it’s important to note that this exemption only applies to the reigning monarch and not to his or her family. All other members of the royal family, including the Prince and Princess of Wales, are still required to have a passport when traveling internationally. So what about the King’s wife, Queen Camilla? Even Queen Camilla is not privy to this long-standing law and must therefore carry a passport while traveling internationally. Even the most senior of royals do not benefit from the same exemption as the monarch, and therefore must adhere to standard passport regulations and requirements like the rest of us!

Bon voyage Your Majesty! PS- anyone know the one very item that senior royals will always be sure pack when traveling internationally? Click here to find out what it is!

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