Fondue Etiquette: Master the Do’s and Don’ts

Fondue is one the most popular seasonal foods and can range in consistency from a cheese fondue to a meat or even chocolate dessert fondue. With its delightful blend of melted cheese, chocolate, or hot oil, fondue has been a beloved winter tradition for decades. Whether you’re hosting a fondue party or dining at a fondue restaurant, there are a few etiquette guidelines to follow to ensure an enjoyable experience for all! 

Do’s of Fondue Etiquette

  • Wait Your Turn:
    • Fondue is a communal dining experience, so be patient and wait for your turn to dip your food into the pot. Avoid overcrowding the pot or dipping your fork in front of someone else.
  • Stir in Figure-Eight Motion:
    • When enjoying cheese or chocolate fondue, Pros advise that you stir in a figure-eight motion to prevent the mixture from burning or sticking to the pot. This ensures a smooth and consistent texture. Make sure to keep stirring the cheese however, as if you stop even for a couple of minutes it will harden.
  • Use Fondue Forks:
    • Fondue forks are designed for a reason – they’re long, slender, and perfect for spearing your food and dipping it into the pot.
  • Avoid Double-Dipping:
    • Double-dipping is a big no-no in fondue etiquette. Once you’ve taken a bite, avoid re-dipping the same fork back into the communal pot. Use separate serving plates or utensils for individual dipping. Once you dip, then put the food on your plate and eat it with your regular fork (to avoid putting your mouth on the fondue fork that goes back into the communal pot).
  • Take a Heap and Pass:
    • At the beginning of the meal, you will be passed a basket of sliced squares of bread or potatoes or similar. Take a small amount and put it on your plate and then pass the basket to the next person to your right. Then take the piece of bread and pierce it onto the end of your fondue fork and wait your turn to dip.

Don’ts of Fondue Etiquette

  • Don’t Push or Force:
    • If a piece of food falls off your fork into the pot, do not attempt to push it down with your utensil or force it onto someone else’s fork. Let it be and continue dipping with a new piece.
  • Don’t scrape the Pot:
    • Never let your fondue fork scrape the bottom of the fondue pot, as it could easily scratch or ruin this very special cooking pot which is often hard to replace.
  • Don’t Skimp on Fondue Ingredients:
    • If you are hosting, be generous with the fondue ingredients provided. Whether it’s bread, vegetables (often there are pickles or pickled onions or potatoes served too), or meat, make sure there’s enough to go around.
  • Avoid Using Dirty Utensils:
    • Never dip dirty or used utensils back into the fondue pot. Always use clean forks and spoons for serving and dipping.

Fondue etiquette is all about creating a fun communal dining experience while enjoying the flavors of this delicious dish! By following these do’s and don’ts, you’ll be well-prepared to enjoy fondue, whether you’re hosting a fondue party or dining out. So, gather your friends and family, set up the fondue pot, and remember to dip, savor, and enjoy the wonderful world of fondue. Click here to see fondue etiquette in action! 

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