Gift etiquette: Did you know there is an exact time to give someone your host gift?

As a gracious and considerate guest, we believe in the importance of never arriving
empty-handed to someone’s home. But here’s a friendly tip: did you know there’s an ideal
time to present your gift to your gracious host?

The whole point of a host gift is to express gratitude for the invitation and to show special
appreciation to your host for having you. We all know that hosting can be hard work, so a
thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to say thank you and show kindness!

When choosing a gift, it’s all about showing your host that you care and giving something
you think they’ll enjoy. Remember, it’s the gesture that matters most, not the price tag.
Even a small token of thanks can go a long way in making your host feel appreciated.
One of my favorite sayings is that your hands should be so full of kindness when you
arrive that you have no hands to knock on the door and must ring the bell! Whether it’s
homemade brownies or freshly baked banana bread, thoughtful gifts always leave a
lasting impression.

Now, let’s talk timing. As soon as you step into your host’s home and have the gift in hand,
that’s the perfect moment to present it. Whether you’re attending a dinner party or staying
as a guest in someone’s home, seize the opportunity to offer your thoughtful gesture right
after your initial greeting or once you’ve settled in.

Always remember, it’s the thought that counts, and your kind gesture will surely be

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