Should You Take Your Shoes Off Inside Someone Else’s Home?

When you step into someone’s home, the first impression you make isn’t just about how you present yourself, but also about your respect for the host’s space, culture, and traditions. A common dilemma arises: should you leave your shoes on or take them off? Let’s explore this common shoe etiquette question to ensure you always make the right call as a considerate guest.

  1. Respect the Host’s Wishes:


a. Ask or follow cues: As soon as you arrive, pay attention to any verbal or visual cues from your host. They may explicitly say, “Please take off your shoes,” or have a designated area for shoes near the entrance. If you see shoes lined up at the entrance or the host is not wearing shoes, you can simply ask “Would you like me to take off my shoes?” Always be prepared to take off your shoes in someone else’s home, which also means you want to make sure you choose socks that are clean and hole-free. 

b. Err on the side of caution: When in doubt, it’s better to ask your host if they prefer shoes on or off. They’ll appreciate your consideration.

c. Adapt to different cultures: If you’re visiting a household with customs from another culture, it’s wise to research or inquire ahead of time to know the expected shoe etiquette. As I say in my first book, Modern Etiquette Made Easy, always practice the etiquette of the customs and culture you are in… including someone’s home!


a. Assume: Never assume that it’s okay to keep your shoes on unless your host explicitly tells you to do so. Assuming can lead to an awkward situation.

b. Ignore explicit requests: If your host asks you to remove your shoes and you decide not to, it can be seen as disrespectful and inconsiderate.

2. Consider the Environment:


a. Think about the setting: In casual settings, like a barbecue or outdoor gathering, shoes may be more acceptable. However, if it’s a formal dinner or a special occasion, the shoe etiquette may be different.

b. Evaluate the weather: If it’s raining, snowing, or particularly muddy outside, it’s almost always expected to remove your shoes to prevent tracking dirt and moisture into the home.

c. Use shoe covers: If you’re attending a formal event and it’s typical to keep your shoes on; If you have spikey heels, consider bringing shoe covers to protect the floors. Most hosts in Western culture will not have you take off shoes at a formal event, however, it depends on the host. 


a. Sacrifice cleanliness: Even in more relaxed settings, if your shoes are visibly dirty or muddy, it’s best to remove them to maintain the cleanliness of your host’s home.

b. Disrupt the ambiance: If everyone else is taking their shoes off, it’s polite to do the same. Keeping your shoes on when others are shoeless can make you stand out in an uncomfortable way.

3. Bring an Alternative:


a. Carry slippers or socks: If you prefer to keep your feet covered, bring along clean indoor slippers or cozy socks to wear indoors. A good host will also have extra slippers or house shoes on offer. 

b. Be prepared: It’s considerate to have a backup plan in case your host asks you to remove your shoes, especially if you have a strong preference for keeping them on.

In the end, the key to mastering this shoe etiquette dilemma is flexibility and consideration. Always prioritize your host’s preferences and the cleanliness of their home. When in doubt, asking a simple question like, “Would you like me to take off my shoes?” shows your respect and willingness to adapt. By navigating this etiquette gracefully, you’ll leave a lasting impression as a polite and thoughtful guest! 

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