Six Tips For When You’re On The Spot to Give a Toast

Have you ever been asked to give a toast and found yourself frozen in fear just at the thought? What should I say? How long should it be? Do I stand? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for the next toast you need to give. Whether you’re asked to give a spur of the moment toast to clients at work, or you’re at a social event and need to thank a host for having you, here are our top six tips to crush your next toast:

  1. Only stand if you need your voice to project across a room. To get everyone’s attention, say in a loud, clear voice “Excuse me, I’d like to make a toast!” Make sure you are holding a beverage to toast with.
  2. Remember a toast is a few words to honor, celebrate or congratulate someone else. A toast should be joyful, short and to the point, simply taking a moment to recognize a person or their achievements. It’s very different than a speech, which can be lengthy and often take weeks to plan and practice. A toast can often be given in an impromptu fashion.
  3. Start by introducing yourself and in a brief sentence, explain your relationship or how you know the person, for example: “For the past 10 years I have had the great privilege of knowing Sam. Our friendship began on my very first day of my new job when I was lucky enough to be sat next to Sam.”
  4. Stick to short sentences: “Tonight we have all gathered here to celebrate the birthday of our fabulous friend.
  5. Make them feel good and don’t be afraid to use a bit of humour (but never embarrass them): You have brought so many people together over the years and tonight we are all here to honor you! Thank you for being such an amazing friend, colleague and partner in crime every year at the annual holiday party!”
  6. End with raising your glass and say “On that note, I’d like to raise a toast to Sam. Cheers!” and physically raise your glass while looking in the direction of the person you are honoring. Everyone should follow suit and also raise their glasses in the direction of the honouree while saying “Cheers, to Sam!” 

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