Ten Most Annoying Things you Can Do on an Airplane

To clap or not to clap, that isn’t the only question…

You’ve just settled into the seat on your flight where you’ll likely be sequestered for a matter of hours. All you can do now is hope that the people around you remembered to pack their travel manners too. Unfortunately, war stories and survival tales of sitting next to selfish and rude flyers fill your instagram feeds. To help combat poor flying manners, we took a poll to hear what exactly it is that gives fellow travelers the ick. In order of votes, here are the top flying faux-pas…so you can avoid them!

 1. Worst offender: Kicking or bumping the back of your seat

We’ve all felt the familiar seat kick. The first and second times we’ll let slide as a mistake, but once you hit kick #3 you hit the #1 flying faux pas.  Remember to gently put up and pull down the seat back tray when you want to use it, be conscious of your exit strategy of leaving the row; avoid grabbing the seat in front of you to get up, and keep your feet off the back of the seat! 

2. Loud, noisy electronics not used with earphones

We are all addicted to watching tik toks and IG stories, so there is no shame in that. But, the beauty of many creators is that they provide closed captions now! If you happen to forget your earphones, make sure to mute your phone.  While we all love videos of people falling off treadmills, no one wants to hear it if they aren’t seeing it, too. 

3. Grooming (from filing nails to brushing hair in your seat)

On an early flight and did not have time to finish painting your nails? Grooming came in as one of the top 3 airplane faux pas. Try to finish all of your beauty needs before or after you get on the plane.  If you’re getting picked up at the gate and you need a refresher, head to the restroom on the plane for a quick touch up – key word being, quick. 

4. Fragrance!

The votes are in, and whether it is bad hygiene, or overpowering cologne and perfume, bold fragrances take spot #4. Save your sprays until after you exit the aircraft. 

5. Smelly food brought onto the flight

We are equally as frustrated that flights no longer serve food.  But, remember the days of working in an office and someone would heat up brussels sprouts? It’s not pleasant to be around.  Some meals are better enjoyed in your home or a restaurant, and not in a space where the air recycles itself! We’re not here to yuck your yum, but there is a time and a place. 

6. Feet! Putting them anywhere near fellow travellers or on their seats

These responses had a lot of different variations.  Feet on the arms rest, sitting cross legged, shoes off, socks off (!!!), and feet on the seat.  The rule of thumb, keep your feet on the floor and in your shoes. Everyone around you will greatly appreciate it.

7. Hogging the seat’s armrest

As we sit in our seats and watch people walk down the aisles, we all pray to have an empty seat next to us for full armrest ability.  Knowing how rare that is, make sure to be a respectful seatmate by allowing the middle seat passenger the shared arm rests.   

8. Not putting down the window when trying to watch movies or sleep

This one is tough because airplane views are breathtaking at times. We recommend finding a balance to show kindness to others around you.  On an overnight flight, or if the person next to you is sleeping, limit your window gazing time to a few minutes vs. leaving the shade up for the duration of the flight.

9. Too talkative / disruptive

All in favor of rebranding inside voices to airplane voices say I! Making friends with your seatmate is such a pleasant experience, especially on long flights.  But, be conscious of the volume of your voice.  Noise travels on a crowded airplane, and not everyone wants to hear your conversation, 

10. Walking into the aisle when the plane lands before your turn

As people begin to funnel out of the plane, the proper etiquette is to go row by row.  Everyone has the same end goal.  Going in order of the rows allows people to flow out seamlessly without unnecessary blocking!

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