The unexpected face of etiquette: Ted Lasso

Like many of you, we have loved the last 3 seasons of Ted Lasso and are bummed to see it end. The relatable nature of the show had us hooked from the beginning.  We identify with the characters because we see them in ourselves.  It’s inspiring, real and everything our hearts needed. Seeing a show about someone who is genuinely nice has been quite a refreshing change.

One thing that has remained true throughout the series is the etiquette we see within the characters, in the most unexpected ways.  From Roy’s tough delivery, or Ted’s awkward moments, kindness is at the forefront of everything, even if you don’t notice it right away. And that’s when it dawned on us, Ted isn’t just nice, but he is genuinely kind

Ted respects people for who they are and makes them feel seen and appreciated. His empathy is not at all self-serving.  He has made Keely realize how smart she is, Higgins feel cool and part of the crew, and Rebecca feel worthy of her role.

For us, the biggest takeaway is how Ted treats Nate, though.  The phrase kill them with kindness is an age old saying for a reason, and we see that perfectly as the show progressed.  While Ted showed how important kindness is, Nate showed how much unkindness matters, too. Who knew Ted would end up getting etiquette scholar award? When you actually learn what etiquette is however, it makes perfect sense. 

Etiquette is simply about treating those around you with kindness to create a positive, respectful, and comfortable environment in social interactions. At its core, etiquette is about acknowledging the feelings and experiences of others and acting in ways that show you value their comfort, dignity, and well-being. It is, essentially, a systematic way of showing kindness, a trait that prompts us to act with empathy, compassion, and respect toward others. Etiquette and kindness can be seen as two sides of the same coin, with kindness as the inner disposition or motivation and etiquette as outward behavior or expression.

We’ll miss you, Ted Lasso, and the valuable lessons you taught us over the last few years.  We will always ‘Believe’ in the power of kindness.

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