10 minute arms at home to get you ready for summer!

With summer just around the corner, we asked our go-to personal trainer Bron Volney what the most requested body part he hears his clients ask for help toning. It will probably be no surprise, that toned arms were number 1, followed by tummy and then bum. Being the gent he is, he offered to share the 4 top arm exercises that can be done at home to help us get the arms of our dreams this summer.

We reminded Bron some of us reading may be juggling just about 20 balls all at once and to find time to work out sometimes isn’t the easiest. He reassured us that with these 4 exercises, and a little bit of dedication, we could see a difference in no time. All you need is 10 minutes, these magical images to follow along with, some space to workout (yes even the floor of your work-from-home office), a wee bit of focus, and a summer countdown clock (kidding, kidding). Follow these easy-to-do arm exercises to help you feel strong, confident and ready to take on summer:

Dips – Great to work triceps, chest and shoulders

The “Painter Push-up” great to work the front of the shoulders, back of the shoulders, total chest, triceps and Core. If you need to start on your knees and work up, that’s a great starting place.

“Concentration Push-ups” – These really aim to focus on the triceps and shoulders as well as your core

“Walkout plank”, great for the entire upper body, even the lats and biceps get a workout here!

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